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A bunch of well-mannered, creative types that like to make authentic, inventive solutions to help brands thrive.

  • Drag 'n drop meat shop.

    Want the highest quality meats and seafood sent straight to your house… fresh? Well look no further than Porter and York. We worked with the owners of a large meat distribution company, known already for their quality, and built a new retail line of branded meats that gets you as close to a butcher shop as possible, from the comfort of your couch.

  • Flour power.

    When we toured Stuyver’s shiny, new, state-of-the-art bakery two things became obvious: 1. These guys loved their bread and 2. We had to make sure all their potential clients knew it. So we went about re-branding Stuyver’s from top to bottom. With a fresh identity, custom photography and a new website, we lifted their brand to match the quality of their facility and the passion of their character.

  • The business of bacon.

    Hempler’s is in the most glorious business of BACON. But not just bacon, and not just any bacon… every product Hempler’s makes is the highest quality, thickest sliced, purest ingredient, meat lover’s dream awesomeness! From sausage to deli meats to bacon, they are the kings of all that is cured (and uncured) in the Northwest. But as their fame grew to a national level they wanted a web presence that would reflect that. Make sure to check out the fun blog we built for Hempler’s as well -

  • Feast mode.

    Wanting to highlight the signature side dishes from their deli, Ken’s Market in Seattle asked us to get creative. We hatched a plan for a Thanksgiving Feast give-away, complete with a turkey and 8 sides. Coining the name Feast Mode tied the event into the local football culture and Thanksgiving theme. Liking or sharing Ken’s Facebook page entered you to win. The result was record sales in their deli and a 52% increase in Facebook likes during the campaign. Touchdown!

  • Alder made easy.

    The Cascade Hardwood Group is one of the largest hardwood companies in North America, focusing mainly on Alder hardwood. Through the use of a cutting edge Grade Selector, detailed videos of the hardwood mills and their workflow, and compelling original content about the individual species they harvest, is now the industry standard. Note: Cascade Hardwood was initially a joint venture with Gravit Digital,who did a spot-on job with the photography, videos, and development.

  • Fans rule.

    When the team at Cricout first approached us to design their cricket app, we didn’t know the first thing about the sport. So, like all our projects, we immersed ourselves in our client’s world. We had long talks with lots of questions, boned up on the sport, and got to know what makes cricket fans tick. The result was an addictive app that let fans not only track the play-by-play for cricket matches worldwide, but also talk some trash, post a photo, pick a side, or do whatever social stuff they want – right within the app.


  • Adam Foy Business Director My path to being a business director is a bit unique. I didn't graduate college, wasn't slowly brought up through the ranks at a large company, I just worked… hard. My whole adult life as been a journey of learning business systems, building business relationships, and leading teams of workers through self employment and and a strong work ethic. I believe in budgets, deadlines, and projects with defined beginnings and ends. But I also know that building a successful creative agency means being flexible as well, and my ultimate passion is finding creative solutions for business's that are looking to grow and thrive in this modern/competitive environment.
  • Chris Baron Story Director I’m passionate about visual storytelling. Over the past 15 years I’ve worked as director and cinematographer on many television and documentary productions, including the Emmy Winning documentary series, Intervention, and the Oscar nominated documentary, Food, Inc. I’m uniquely adept at story telling thanks to years of experience collaborating with some of the best storytellers in the business, including Oscar winning directors Jessica Yu, and Jessica Sanders, and well as Oscar nominated director Robert Kenner, and the esteemed documentary filmmaker, Stacy Peralta.
  • Greg deVeer Creative Director Based on the fact that I always loved art and was pretty good at it, but didn't want to be a starving artist my whole life, once in college I decided on something creative yet practical for my major: Graphic Design. For the past 18 years I’ve been doing just that with the bulk of my working falling into branding and website design. Over the years, clients have ranged from mega-brands like Intuit, NovoNordisk, and Symantec to countless smaller ones you've probably never heard of unless you work there... not that there’s anything wrong with that.
  • Geoff Baron Technology Director I've been building websites since the days of those old noisy modems. I love seeing how technology can solve big problems for clients. Having worked with clients such BP and Chevron as well as small local farms.. it's always fun getting to know an organization and finding out where we can work together to make things more awesome.