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Katherine Phillips

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Shirley Rogers

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Michael Dominga

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Jose Campbell

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the filmmakers




Chris Baron / Director / Cinematographer
Chris is passionate about visual storytelling, over the past 15 years he has worked as director and cinematographer on many television and documentary productions, including the Emmy Winning documentary series, Intervention, and the Oscar nominated documentary, Food, Inc. Chris is uniquely adept at story telling thanks to years of experience collaborating with some of the best storytellers in the business, including Oscar winning directors Jessica Yu, and Jessica Sanders, as well as Oscar nominated director Robert Kenner, and the esteemed documentary filmmaker, Stacy Peralta.

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Bryan Tucker / Producer / Director
Bryan Tucker is an Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker based in Seattle. His first feature-length documentary
film, Closure, secured national cable broadcast distribution, regional broadcast distribution on KCTS 9’s “Reel NW” series and is available on Netflix, iTunes and Amazon VOD. Bryan works with a variety of freelance clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and seeks out projects that elevate marginalized voices and address social justice issues.


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